Behind the Scenes 2017 Lauren K Downing Photography ~Orlando Wedding Photographer ~Orlando Senior Photographer

Behind the Scenes 2017 Lauren K Downing Photography ~Orlando Wedding Photographer ~Orlando Senior Photographer

This is always one of my FAVORITE posts to write. I love sharing behind the scenes photos and lets face it, some are hilarious. I especially love going through events from the year and seeing my beautiful clients. But really the fun part is getting to poke some fun at myself and my partners (sorry if you made the blog 🙂

Special thanks to Mary Fosky Photography; Jenna Kay Photography; Kaci Layne Photography; and Kreative Memories Photography for contributing to the behind the scenes gallery.

I apologize ahead of time this is a longggg one.


My arm appears to never move from this position……

Why Yes, yes the wind always blows through my hair.

I am pretty confident wedding guests look and me and wonder what is going on.

Just some more evidence that I am funny, and that babies love me.

Shoes, enough said.


Hey you over there….

Clearly I am on a serious mission. Whichever one of you took this……..I especially love my “get out of my way” hand.

Did you know I am really a supermodel? No really I am. And I give private lessons for anyone interested. Okay so I am not really a supermodel, but I should totally start giving lessons because I am amazing at it.

Who is ready to help me get this girl married!

Can we get a drink over here. For the bride. Really…..for the bride.

No seriously my bride needs a drink. Help me out. I swear it is for the bride.

Just copy me, I promise I am not always a toucher.

See, worth it right???

Man I talk with my hand A LOT

Full service wedding photographer over here.

It’s a bustle don’t be gross.

Some of my favorite vendors making magic. Mary is holding an umbrella to shade the dress so we can get the PERFECT shot. She rocks.


You really had to be there to fully understand, but this was when I was trying to explain to my couple that walking would be faster and it was not far and not to worry.

Walking was NOT faster.

This is my “Okay we have to move really fast because the sun is setting” stance

See there is is again…..

ready to run


I know he looks surprised, but I promise I didn’t say anything weird. Hm, OK I think I didn’t. Truth, I am not really sure.

I am in there really. Blocking our bride from guests is a full time job.

I love that my seniors are so amazing. Judgment free zone even though their photographer looks like a hot mess and is balancing a large reflector all over her body.


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